Heart-Art Painting

Here you can enjoy the gallery of hearts. If you are ready for a deep dive into yourself to discover your essence and know your power read this and sign up for a month of adventure!

Pulsating Glow of Simplicity. The complexity of inner and outer world transformed in simple single pulsation of your heart. By simply emanating a steady even light, the life is sustained and visible duality naturally embraced.

White light holds all colors and all polarities of creation. To achieve loving harmony between the physical and ethereal, calmly ease into places of personal balance within the cosmic balance of the whole.

In openness to Love one begins to recognize oneself.

Magical Rhythms of Light

The Energy of Movement initiates itself in the Embrace of Space, birthing a new creation.

Wealth & Prosperity through nurture/motherhood & strength of Fire & Water.

The single Red Rose, as the Alchemy Union points out, symbolizes the mystic center.